Library staff member attacks patron with scissors

The ammonia-throwing, bleach-throwing, noxious-spraying, Bible-burning, Fox Hill Public Library staff member attempted to stab a patron with a pair of scissors yesterday. She claimed my mother, my sister and I changed his spirit. My sister was in the bathroom and she kept banging on the door so that her friend could go in instead of waiting her turn. She started in as usual lambasting my mother who was not there, and me and my sister. After it had lasted for quite a while, her over 65 pseudo-supervisor expelling, the patron, who happens to be a local young man, quietly told them that they have a problem. The ammonia etc. staff member screeched one unholy screech, ran to the front desk and grabbed the big scissors. She rushed toward the young man, but he stood his ground. My sister came out of the bathroom and hurriedly shot between them. HER BACK ALMOST TOUCHING the scissors brandishing, ammonia-throwing, staff member. She took him down stairs. Meanwhile, everyone else was paralyzed with shock. The staff member screamed that she would let him have it right NOW, and a few minutes later she vowed that they would both die together and she MEANT that. Then she called the police and library services, telling them she pulled a scissors on the young man because SHE HAD TO DEFEND HERSELF, because he CAME UP IN HER FACE, and that it’s my mummy, my sister and my fault. THE WHOLE THING IS TAPED. Did she have to defend herself because HE went after HER with a weapon? NO only SHE had a weapon. SHE MADE DEATH THREATS against him. Meanwhile the over 65 pseudo-supervisor ran downstairs behind my sister and the young man. The main thing was that we tell people things about them and they’re innocent before God.

If we have a private conversation with anyone about anything they start an argument and call their police friends, telling them we physically attacked them and/or talk about them. They figure if they do this often enough, the police would say we’re troublemakers and make trouble for us. And their police friends tried it. We prayed. And now they are showing their true colors to wise and fools alike.

My mother alternated between lying on the floor on her face and walking the floor all night on Friday before last. She did this until the sun cracked the horizon. That was the same day she gave the cancelled checks and bank statements that the supervisor threw out, to the auditor. Some of the checks contained both the signature of one of the library board members and the supervisor. This man was a priest and was about to be transferred to a family island. This crafty ‘supervisor’ apparently told him that since he was moving, to leave his signature on many of the checks and she would fill them in when it was time to pay the bills. He unwittingly did so. And she had fun with those checks. Then she carried on the madness by signing checks with her signature alone. WELL. My mother gave the auditor the checks and statements on Friday afternoon, prayed all Friday night and the priest DROPPED DEAD on Saturday morning. The ‘supervisor’ came in the library on Monday morning and announced to the room in general that _________ is DEAD. Then she and ammonia-thrower went on the balcony discussing certain moves. The ‘supervisor’ told the


ammonia-etc., that HIS name was on some of those…..(so try to involve him)? The ammonia-etc., said, “But do you see how God worked that right out?” she repeated this several times, meaning that SINCE HE IS DEAD HE CAN’T TESTIFY AGAINST THE SUPERVISOR AND THAT IT IS GOD WHO KILLED HIM FOR THAT WOMAN.

The ‘supervisor’ then murmured about a piece of evidence she needed that he had in his possession. The ammonia-etc., said “GET IT FROM HIS WIFE.

They will go to the family in their bereavement and in the most sugared tones, offer condolences then try to ask for whatever it is, KNOWING that they are planning to implicate that dead man.

Friends help us pray and pull down all these spiritual wickedness in high places. We can’t do it without you all.

The Lord answer thee in the day of trouble. The name of the Elohim of Jacob defend thee; send thy help from the SANCTUARY and strengthen thee out of Zion.


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Bible Burner – Bleach Thrower

What did the bible burner do this time? On Monday she threw raw bleach on the stairs just as I was about to go down them to go home. Then she started talking and smiling to herself. I filled a container with fresh water, poured it on the stairs then mopped it up.

She then screamed out that, “You don’t clean around here! Lee, Lee, take a picture, take a picture! See how she’s pouring water over it!” She then called the head of B.L.S. stating that she mopped the stairs because they were ‘dirty’ and that I poured water over it.” The B.L.S. head asked her if the janitress didn’t clean to which she said, “No, I don’t know, the steps were dirty.”

Then the bible burner said she hopes the person who threw the water over her bleach slips and brakes their friggin’ neck. Mrs. Styles states that she does this ‘mopping’ to stop the obeah we are putting on her.

The fumes were so strong that the supervisor had to go outside and her CRONIE, the Fox Hill man who locks up, had to come downstairs with the bucket to get water and mop THREE TIMES! This happened two days after I reported her for throwing ammonia outside the bathroom door while I was inside the bathroom. Patrons can’t breathe and have to run out when she throws noxious substances. Question, why after all this apparent ‘cleaning’ by TWO women the tables are NEVER touched and the rest of the place is so grimy?

Job chapter 18 verse 5 says:

5 Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine.

Verse 13 and 14: 

13 It shall devour the strength of his skin: even the firstborn of death shall devour his strength.

14 His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors.

I gave Elohim back HIS words. Elohim sets a cloudy pillar of fire between all of his saints and the lawless (wicked) and delivers them from evil and temptation.

God bless you all ye His saints.

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Roasted Rocks

Scientist say that humans can taste calcium in certain foods.  My mother said when she was a little girl people would sometimes take the charred, softened rocks from a fire hearth and chew it, then spit it out.  She said it made one’s teeth really clean.  Bahamian rocks – on land or sea – are rich in calcium.

There are many people who like to eat things like charcoal, chalk, detergent, cornstarch and dirt.  They say this preference is called Pica syndrome and some people recommend they get a blood check.  Pregnant women get cravings for chalk and eat it, but usually stop after a while.

I remember about 12 years back I kept getting ill because of my working environment.  The doctor kept telling me to get my blood checked, but I always had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t.  About four years ago, my aunt went to the hospital for a routine check up because she was a diabetic.  One of the nurses told her that she would give her a medicinal insert – without the doctor’s knowledge or permission – for diabetes while she was there. My aunt was dead by that evening.

I remember about 20 or more years ago a certain celebrity went for a doctor’s visit and wound up dying from a needle infected with the H.I.V. virus given to him by medical staff.  He was told it was an ‘accident’.

In a report I read, some people were being lambasted by a man for eating chalk; and I can’t help but wonder what HE did behind closed doors.  I personally have been persecuted – for no reason I could see or was told of – by people I discovered were liars, pornographers, thieves, railers and adulterers – the Word of God rebukes these negative attributes.  People with grievous sins generally try to force their opinion or lifestyle on people with different preferences. These are the people who, if anyone or anything puts a smile on your face, will try their endeavor best to take it away from you.

I’d like to say that, quite frankly, if there are people I like, places I like to go and things I like to do that aren’t against God or my body, then the opinions of others don’t amount to a hill of beans – at ALL!

Charcoal rids your body of toxins and poisons.  One woman I know and respect and who is very intelligent says she keeps some on hand in case her family is poisoned.  It is good for several other things as well.  I don’t know where it is sold, but you can Google it and see.  I wouldn’t recommend detergent or dirt though; harmful bacteria and harsh chemicals.

For years I wanted to try that roasted rock bit, it might be really neat!  I’m ready to try it now!

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Harassment by Police

Friday, August 5th, 2016

On this date, the supervisor of the Fox Hill Library, summoned the police against me and my two daughters, one of whom is employed at the library the other, an official volunteer.The supervisor, the rest of the staff and the police, enclosed themselves in the office for about 20 minutes. then they all rushed out at us. one of the officers prudently let the other do all the talking, not interfering regarding to how the staff yelled at us and the other officer would not let us explain and in fact they haven’t identified themselves yet, so we don’t even know their names. My daughter managed to see the number of only one of them.To cut a long short, the complaints against us were:

1. The over-the-age-of-retirement ‘supervisor’ said assault and battery. The staff vociferously agreed.

2. The Bible burning-ammonia throwing-fanatical sprayer of poisonous substances, stated that I come into the back office every day and do something to her person.

3. The janitress yelled out that my older daughter used to work at Foreign Affairs and ‘Dey run her because she write a letter to the queen’. She also dashed out into the school yard next door and yelled out so that whoever would may hear, that I am with my daughters so much that my daughter can’t even f*** a man, and if she does f*** a man, I would be in bed in the middle of both of them. This is on tape. In all this, the pseudo supervisor’s voice was among the loudest.

4. The ammonia thrower flew downstairs to start an argument with me because the janitress told her to look downstairs at me talking to someone about MY affairs. And the ammonia thrower, as usual, said I was talking about her. 5. When they made certain accusations against my daughter, she brought the sign-in sheet to show the officers. The ammonia thrower screamed and told the officers that my daughter is trying to put obeah (witch craft) on her signature.

My daughter quietly typed and printed a short report and handed it to the police, explaining that we already had complaints at two police stations, theirs and another police station, about the physical attacks on our person by these same people.

They refused to even look at it and the spokesman said we three have to get out. I then explained to them that my daughter is Dr. _ of that library, and my other daughter is an official volunteer, and I am a patron who comes there to do my research and writing. They were taken aback. The supervisor and staff ranted and raved for about 20 minutes more, after which the officers decided to take their leave.

They wrote down my name and age and were leaving when I asked what the charge was against me. I asked this because we all saw the silent officer writing earlier and he had stated to us that he was writing out a complaint of assault and battery. They both hastily said ‘no charge, no charge’.

And as they were passing the ammonia thrower, she was still muttering things about me and the silent officer, having assessed the situation, instructed her that whenever she sees me, to have nothing to say to me. She answered that she’s usually reading her Bible etc., etc., and began another long tirade. I heard him say something firmly to her as I walked off but I don’t know what it was.

So we, as well as the officers, considered the matter resolved.

Monday, August 8th, 2016

The pseudo-supervisor of the Fox Hill Public Library again called the Education security who brought along a police officer. I understand from a source that they are both reserve officers. They each had a partner.

They, along with the staff excluding my daughters, Dr.___, a staff member, and my daughter, who is an official volunteer, was enclosed in the office for quite some time. A patron and I were discussing a book I have published because he also has several books published and in different languages.

The office door opened and the janitress and senior police came out. She roared across the room at the patron, telling him to do his work and stop listening to rumors in that library. He asked rumors about what? She told him to “just do his work”. The officer just smirked.

I left the table and saw through the door that my younger daughter and two men were in the stairwell, so I went to speak to her. When I went to her he told me that he is superintendent of police, ____ _____. I realized he was the same man who tried to force my older daughter into his car with him and another man some months ago to “take her behind the mall.” My daughter said “no you’re not a superintendent nor an officer. The police said you were retired from the force 10 years ago. He told her to ignore the police. He then told me that he and his police crony were there to resolve matters.

His partner shut the door to the library. The security said they don’t want anyone to hear. I said, “Alright, take us to the police station.” He hissed in my face 3 times, (he repeats himself very often), that he is in charge there – the officers are under his orders. If we try to put one foot outside that door to GO TO THE POLICE, he would call the police into the stairwell and they, with him, would PHYSICALLY (heavily stressed) detain us. He prefaced this each time with the words ‘you’re not getting this’ (threat). I explained about the attacks on us.

The senior officer came out and half way down the stairs. I asked him it was against the law to ask to be taken to the police station. He said no. My younger daughter then left but no one noticed my older daughter joined us at the top of the steps and closed the door. I asked the officer what am I supposed to have done. He said, ‘Dat’s not yuh business’, then followed the repeated insults from him and ‘shut up’ whenever I was asked a question and tried to answer. ‘Just hush’ repeated from the security. The ONLY time they both let me answer was when the security asked why I don’t try to persuade my daughter to leave that job and go somewhere else.

I asked if I had thrown substances on the people who sent them after me, would I then be at the police station? No answer. Then the officer read out his notebook. He said that I am never to enter that library. If I do, he would come after me personally (unfounded threat).

 We went inside when the security then announced to me loudly and clearly, that he is in charge and me and both my daughters are banned from the public library because Ms. ___, the pseudo-supervisor, says she is not comfortable with my presence; ‘my presence upsets her. He said she is the boss and he is in charge so we have to stay out. My older daughter, like I said, is Dr. ____ and my other daughter is a volunteer. I am writing the Fox Hill history books. I asked in front of everyone what is it that I am supposed to have done. He said my daughters and I are always together and that upsets the supervisor, so if we do come to the library, we can never be there at the same time. IT UPSETS Ms. ____. So if I come to pick my daughter up, I have to stay down in the yard. If I ever come up there again he will deal with me. I said, and now we will leave and go to the Minister of Education. The security said, “Oh, now there’s no need to go to him.”

A few minutes later they both followed us outside the library and denied banning us. We went hearing that. I said loudly, “You specifically banned me. Both sheepishly agreed that yes I am banned. However, through all of this, the officer’s young partner, was as courteous, kind, knowledgeable and helpful as an officer can possibly be. And now the matter is in the hands of high officials.


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Dangerous Library Staff Member is Really Sandiland’s Patient

We have also discovered the reason for the Bible-Burning co-worker’s dangerous attacks and fanatical behavior. We have learned from certain personnel at Sandiland’s Mental Hospital and P. M. Hospital that the Bible Burner is a mental patient and on medication, which is why her appearance on the job is so spasmodic and she is absent for months at a time but covered any way on the time sheets until the fiasco with my pay concerning the time sheets.

Here’s the scenario:

  • The bible burner states repeatedly that I am a witch, I am doing obeah on her to kill her. She states Thou must not suffer a witch to live concerning us and claims she is ORDAINED to kill me and my daughters.
  • She sprayed me and my daughter with a noxious substance from the waist down. Tried for our faces but I shouted at her. This was done minutes after she had lit fire in the library and burned all the Bibles.
  • She poured AMMONIA at the base of the bathroom door while my daughter was in there and a post office patron told us that someone threw water with ammonia in it over the balcony. It just missed the patron. Their eyes and face burned for about 5 minutes.

The janitress is at work from 7:30 each morning before the patrons arrive at 9:00 but at the time the janitress gets off ‘from having supposedly cleaned’, the bible burner is throwing ammonia about washing down and mopping. Why only at the sport we are? And if they are both cleaning, especially the BIBLE BURNER, why is there all that grime on the tables when my two daughters wipes them before we sit at them and the door glass is so dirty?

The bible burner called their police friend to chase my daughter from the work place. She cursed my daughter and a patron and said they are F-ing with her husband.

The bible burner was living in a Sandiland’s half-way house like the one on Fox Hill road south. She is currently on medication. The SUPERVISOR and friends in the government have to know this for the amount of months bible burner misses from work at a time. Who sneaked her on the payroll with bogus information?

Naturally she is headed toward doing a patron or patrons grievous harm. How will the SUPERVISOR and HEAD OF B.L.S. explain? Bible Burner brags about the pull she has with their friends at Education. However, she has taken the dancing, praying our names out loud, cursing and speaking in tongues in the library & outside. If we’re there her ‘friends’ watch amused. When I told the SUPERVISOR about the ammonia why did she tell me she can’t stop people doing what they want, say she is in charge, then call the police for me who did nothing at all?

Mrs. Munnings-Brown

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Harassment and Embezzlement

Supervisor at Fox Hill Library – Harassing me for past 10 years.

Reason – She is in a panic, she discarded the library’s financial records, put them in garbage bags like she did the discarded and unwanted books, then she put the bags on the balcony where she always left them for me. I didn’t discover what they really contained until I got home. I copied as much as possible that evening and returned the bags next morning. My daughter said that two nights before, her white Canadian friend was sitting in the library and waiting to take her home when she got off. The SUPERVISOR and bible burner sent a student to ask if he was the auditor. He laughed and told the boy yes, thinking it was a joke.

Next day The SUPERVISOR and bible burner locked up in the office along with a lady, who worked in the post office downstairs at the time, cleaning out stuff all day. My daughter who had just gone there to work didn’t know what they were clearing out until I showed her at home the night I had them. Bible burner bustled in next morning telling my daughter that The SUPERVISOR says that’s government property and they are not supposed to leave the premises; give them back at once. She grabbed them, rushed out of the door and her and The SUPERVISOR didn’t show up to work for days. Now one saw the bags of documents, that were not supposed to leave the building, again.

However, these The SUPERVISOR and bible burner should be able to produce when they are required. As for me, I turned the copies over to several people in authority, one of these being the head of library services. The SUPERVISOR has harassed me and my children in the most dangerous ways ever since using government personnel and on these latest incidences especially the police. Apparently, due to the fact that the auditor had really been sorting out matters in the ministries, she has again panicked and increased her vitriolic attacks against us, assuming that if my daughter transfers I wouldn’t come to the library any more and the auditor could not use me as a witness. This year she outdid herself.

Now we all do know, according to the newspapers, that the government’s auditor has found a few fast fingered females filching funds fearlessly. However, copies of the necessary documents have been placed in the hands of the appropriate persons and now, as one author says, we will leave The SUPERVISOR and co. in the hands of the Amalekites. God bless you for your prayers, all who have prayed, for I know this is what is bringing us through.

Mrs. Munnings-Brown


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At Fox Hill Parade Plays and Books

When I was in my teens, I dreamt that I’d marry then travel to the U.S. in order for God to separate me from all the religious teachings I had been taught, in order for Him to re-educate me. And so it came to pass.

When God saw it was time, He spoke to me in a dream, just like He did with Solomon, telling me to go back home, buy a certain house and make it a resting place for the people of God. In the dream I told Him, I want to go home and build my house.

Having, through disobedience, passed through hell and high water, I can assure you that I am now ready to obey. And if I have ever seen a time when the people of God need places of respite, as in PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, it is now. A place to be looked after and prayed for, letting others help with their burdens for a week or two.

Later on, He told me to write books about the history of the people of the Eastern Road and Fox Hill. I was also instructed to produce skits, plays, tableaux, etc. from these books, and having such a rich source of information in my grand-parents, their peers and my great-grands, I am fully equipped to do so.

However, do not think though for one minute that just because I am obeying this time that Satan isn’t fighting. But don’t think that God is not winning. After eleven years of writing and research I was about to send four of the books off to be printed. On that very day the flash drive was stolen by those who were trying to stop my writing of the books. Believe me, I walked and prayed. I asked God to let the saints pray for me and I asked Him to please send the Sanctuary Angels to answer me. That week two of the people were horribly killed and the other went crazy because of the theft and could only find relief in following me about, while staring ahead and talking to someone that no one else could see. GOD STILL LIVES SAINTS. GOD STILL LIVES.

The books and plays will bring in the monies for the vision. Some of the books are ready for printing, some of the plays have been written, some of the players are ready and rehearsed. The books were sent to a certain printing company so that I could check the proofs before I order in bulk. The maps in the


proofs were perfect. Another company joined up with the company I dealt with and when I ordered some books again the pictures were terrible.

I went to a publisher here in Nassau and he ordered them through the company he deals with. Lo and behold, the bogus company then joined his company. The publisher said he has never (in all the years he was publishing) seen anything like it. Every order he processed would be sent except mine and the excuse was that everyone was on vacation. This is over a period of months. IN THE UNITED STATES? I know the efficiency of the American people because I have lived there. When the books did arrive he said they had been sent to places he had never heard of. And when I checked them, the whole center of the OLD map containing the heart of Fox Hill with the stable of Bucky the hearse driver, Fox Hill Parade, etc. was faded out completely off the map. Here it is, you may judge for yourself.

The books must be pretty special for these people to go to so much trouble. I am putting a few excerpts up along with pictures of the covers – I will post when the books are ready, by the will of God. For some of the plays, tickets will be sold. For some, it will be advertised that one may donate whatever one is impressed to. Help us to help you. Pray for us.

Berry Harrison – Jones


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Miss Teen U.S.A. Pageant

A professional journalist like me is constantly one step away from a variety of spectacular events!

On August 22, 2015 I covered the 33rd Miss Teen U.S.A. Pageant held at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. This was an event I dreamed of attending! I was so excited!

The 51 contestants exuded beauty, grace, intelligence and charm. The event encouraged my belief that there are still many upstanding young women in the world today.

Miss Louisiana, Katherine Haik, won the crown for 2015-2016 and was handed the reins from her predecessor K Lee Grahams. It was a great experience!

Miss Louisiana, Katherine Haik, won the crown for 2015-2016 and was handed the reins from her predecessor K Lee Grahams. It was a great experience!

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A Relationship to Die For?

A great relationship is a wonderful experience to be a part of.  I met a girl back in 2000 who came to me for help.  We worked the same place and she said God gave her that present job to break from an ‘unequal’ relationship – she was saved, the man was not.

We became good friends and she really loved and respected me.  As time went on I noticed she began slipping back to the boyfriend.  There were plenty of eligible bachelors where we worked who she could have become friends with, but she chose to stick to this boyfriend – even though he was engaged to someone else.

I made up my mind to confront her one day and reminded her that she had come to me to pray with her so she could stay strong in the Lord.  I told her that she had to make up her mind whether it would be God or her boyfriend.  There was a long pause.  She said she would stick with her boyfriend; she knew they could make it.

I felt myself draw away from her.  To me, God is everything; anything I need or want must come through him and from him; God knows what I like best.  Even though she avoided me, I still kept praying and hoping she would change. She kept up with him for two years, lost weight, became stressed out and generally went through hell until she finally got pregnant for him.  Four to five months into the pregnancy she wound up in the hospital because she had pains in her stomach that were so bad she was thrashing about. 

My friend was a colored girl with very light skin.  The hospital sent her back home because her skin had turned blue.  The baby had died inside her and sent poison all through her body.  Several days later, she was back in the hospital.  Around that time I went to the clinic because I had severe pains in my stomach – I was sharing my friend’s pain. 

Three days after that I went to work and a female co-worker of ours said she wanted to see me.  Her eyes were red and I asked her if anything was wrong.  She told me that our friend had died in the hospital.  Just before she died she was waving to everyone and telling them she could see God’s son waiting for her; God took His child home because she wasn’t strong enough to last in this world.  God loved her and understood.

I miss her and feel that it was a waste because it didn’t have to be.   God would have given her a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with a man who really loved and respected her.  If she had set her heart on God completely, found a hobby to keep her occupied, she would still have been alive today (I asked her what she liked and she said archeology). Being realistic, she still didn’t get the guy she ran behind.  They had been together for 7 years.  It wasn’t worth it.

God’s Word says, ‘Nothing shall separate us from the love of God.’  This is why I try to help people and pray for them so they don’t get too lonely or snowed under, but people have to be willing to help themselves

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Divorce and Remarriage: Why You Should or Shouldn’t Do It

For couples who are dating, married, contemplating marriage, or divorce – here are some issues you should think about!

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